Career Events

Our Career Events areas are

Edison, NJ, New York City, NY

Philadelphia, PA

Herndon, VA

Chicago, IL

Dallas, TX

St. Louise, MO

Boston, MN

Los Angeles, CA, San Fransisco, CA

Montreal QC, CANADA Career Event.

IT professionals with Canadian citizenship willing work in USA

Please send us your resume. we will be in Montreal on 15th, 16th Nov 2021

Contact us discuss and send us your resume.

Career Events

Goal of Career Events

Meet with prospective consultants geographically spread across America.

Times like this pandemic meeting virtually starting discussion story telling

Listening to consultants team members starting new ideas

Staring a career Building Career Changing Career

Promoting Efficient IT deliverables

IT culture where IT consultants of life and family at same time delivering solid efficient brain power product exceeding what industry wants, technology makes the world better, in era of Electric vehicles, Robots, AI, Innovations in medicine, IT plays important role.

An idea, innovation, design methodology which be secure robust scalable and efficient